connectin a Dell EMC NSeries switch to HiveManager Cloud.

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Dell switch Service Tags often contain letters and, in most cases, show as upper case in the switch CLI. Best practice is to copy the service tag directly from the switch CLI (show system id) and paste it into the HiveManager onboarding wizard.
Insure that firewall HTTPS port 443 is open for connections to HiveManager as this is the port that N Series switches will use.
Be sure that the serial numbers are onboarded in HiveManager and that switch service tags are case sensitive.
Insure that the EULA has been accepted on the N Series switch.
eula-consent hiveagent accept

Insure that the switch can reach the internet by pinging
Insure that the switch can resolve DNS by pinging If not, add a DNS server to the switch.
ip name-server

Stop and restart hiveagent
application stop hiveagent
application start hiveagent

Check the connection status with this command: show hiveagent status